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How to Drive a Car Safely

carrssHow to Drive a Car Safely

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to drive safely.

Safe driving is requisite not just for you, but for both you and other drivers using the road.

In this article, we will be discussing simple tips to follow regarding how to drive a car safely and how helpful they can be to you in helping you not just to drive responsibly but also avoid accidents. Our article will be segmented in four parts namely; how to behave behind the wheels, following traffic rules, dealing with specific hazards and how to take care of mechanical issues.

How to behave behind the wheels

There are myriad of things that many drivers tend to do while driving; things that are quite dangerous. As a driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable behind the wheel. While behind the wheels, kindly observe the following:

  • Never drink and drive; or at least drink to acceptable levels. If you are going to a party or a joint that alcohol will be served, be sure to take a cab or a driver with you.
  • Avoid destructions- we all know how catastrophic being distracted can be while driving. There are just many things that can distract us while driving, the key among them being; our mobile phones, stereo, applying make-up, eating food while driving, to mention but a few. To be safe on the road, we are urged to steer clear away from all these things that can distract us from safe driving.
  • Avoid drowsiness- there is nothing as dangerous as falling asleep while driving; it’s like committing suicide. Before going behind the wheel, you are advised to be sure that you are attentive and cannot fall asleep or doze off while driving.
  • Always fasten your seat belt- fastening a seat belt while driving is not just a suggestion but an essential. You never know what exactly may happen when you are on the road, to be safer, you are advised always wear your seat belt.

Mother and son with a carFollowing Traffic rules

The topic about traffic rules is abroad one; one that cannot be covered in entirety in a short article such as this one. To summarize what traffic rules are and how essential they are to follow; Traffic rules are set of guidelines that were designed to help road user; both motorists and pedestrian, to use the road without distracting each other. In driving schools, all traffic rules are taught, make it your business to remember them and adhere to them to the latter.

How to deal with specific hazards

Driving requires attentiveness. Weather can be predictable at time and unpredictable at some times. To be safe on the road, you have to be prepared for practically anything, more so for extreme conditions such as ice on the road during winter. Check all your indicators to ensure that they are in perfect working condition and finally, be mindful of others.

Take care of mechanical issues

To be safe on the road, you cannot afford driving on a flat tire or abruptly stopping because you ran out of gas, or just any other mechanical issue that could be avoided should you have taken safety measures earlier. As a rule of thumb, you are advised to regularly take your car for maintenance. Furthermore things such as fuel and tire pressure are to be checked every time you plan to use your car. Finally, always be prepared for anything; carry spare a tire and some changing gears and tools.

In conclusion, whatever you do while on the road is entirely up to you, just be sure to put your safety before anything. The tips discussed in this article are enough to keep you safe while driving; kindly note that they are not all, but at least enough to teach you how to drive a car safely.

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