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Natural Mosquito Repellents

There are very few people who would disagree that there is essentially nothing more likely to destroy a perfectly excellent outside activity than mosquitoes. Rather than enjoy the activities, your brain concentrates on absolutely nothing but how you can repel mosquitoes. This is not exactly enjoyable!

Apart from the pain, there is a more severe side to mosquitoes and their biting habits. Mosquito 19Mosquitoes can transfer and spread all nasty and potentially fatal ailments and conditions. The most notorious of these is the feared malaria, followed very carefully by yellow fever and dengue fever. So with all this mosquitoes, exactly what is needed is a good and trusted repellent.

There are, obviously, lots of over the counter chemicals to drive away mosquitoes. These intricate chemical mixes drive away mosquitoes by a variety of techniques. These are typically what people instantly consider when anyone states that they are looking for a mosquito repellent.

The problem is that the chemical mixtures assembled to fend off mosquitoes has negative effects and threats to your health. The active ingredient in practically all over-the-counter mosquito repellents is a chemical described as DEET. The initial concern is that over direct exposure to DEET can have a severe implication for your health, specifically for the condition of your skin. The problem is amplified when it concerns the elderly and kids.

What is needed is a more natural mosquito repellent, one that will fend off mosquitoes, and their possible risks while not leaving you and your household at threat from chemical exposure.

Mosquito 20There are lots of theories that surround the concept of a natural mosquito repellent, with old tales and science not constantly agreeing on the answers that we look for. What follows is a summary rundown to what you can utilize as a natural mosquito repellent.

The very best natural mosquito repellent is nothing more than a great and healthy diet. Scientists think that there is a primary link between our undesirable diets and our ability to draw out and look appealing to mosquitoes. So exactly what does this healthy diet and way of life resemble? There are several ingredients that if you can frequently eat would lower your own interest mosquitoes.

The very first of these foods is fennel. A University situated in Korea found that a spray made from 5 % fennel is extremely effective after simply 90 minutes. The majority of us do not have the time or the expertise to make fennel into a spray, so our choices are restricted to eating fennel. Consuming is another way that your body can take in the chemicals found naturally in vegetables and fruits.

Another food said to be a natural mosquito repellent is thyme. Thyme has been shown, through clinical study, to be more reliable than the hazardous chemical DEET in driving away mosquitoes when applied to the skin. Clove oil has equally been found to be particularly efficient at driving away mosquitoes too. There is a drawback to clove oil, and thyme oils are that they are irritating to skin, and would need to be watered down to below 25 % to be safe for skin.

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