Reducing Incidents With Behavior Based Safety Inspection Software

Reducing incidents with behavior-based safety inspection software has been a priority for a lot of companies, and that is because this way not only can they save a lot of money in the process, but also ensure that their staff can be more productive and safer at work. The S&W Technologies is one of the best safety observation software. There are, of course, a lot more benefits of BBS, but about them and more we’re going to focus on in the paragraphs below.


Management Support

As a famous American author, John Maxwell puts it, “When it comes to leadership, everything riseshghghgh and falls”. In fact, when you think of BBS programs (which highly depend on trust), you’ll immediately realize that this statement is entirely accurate. That’s because these types of programs are certainly going to fail unless they’re properly supported by company management.

It’s critical for company management to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that their staff adheres to the principles of observation of the BBS program, but also report hazardous views and exposures to management without the fear of reprisal.

BBS Criticisms

Despite the many benefits of using behavior-based safety inspection software, there are still a lot of people that oppose it and think that these programs are based on science that’s pretty unreliable. These people also criticize BBS for the fact that the attention on safe behavior (which relies on employee reporting) is eventually going to weave in fear among workers, arguing that they’re going to feel reluctant to report near misses or injuries for fear of being responsible for causing them.

At the same time, some of those who oppose BBS maintain that such programs have a negative toll on risk management efforts since many injuries go unreported and eventually lead to a much larger claim. So what they’re saying is that injuries go untreated for long periods of time until further complications or injuries arise.

Lastly, it seems that such programs can’t be actually applied to industries by a large turnover rates since the time to develop relationships with the kind of trust required for an effective BBS program is very short.


jjgfdfdAt the end of the day, businesses that decide to strictly implement BBS programs rely on a broad range of variables which can hinder the program’s success. Because of that, it’s important to go for a diversified/mixed approach (BBS + traditional principles) to establish an overall reliable program.…