makeupsThere is a strong tendency for all women worldwide to spend their budgets for outfits, accessories and, definitely, makeups. When they claim that they are broke, they mean that they cannot buy the latest fashion products from their favorite brands or designers.

While they can just skip the needs of buying the latest designer handbags or stilettos, they will never want to miss the summer makeup series for the coming season. For women, buying any makeup product is a necessity, because they claim that the makeup colors are the representation of their personalities and moods. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why do women wear makeup.

Wearing makeup—for most women—is a necessity. This is especially for working women, who need to maintain their overall performance from 9-5. It will be impossible to look professional without any makeup, though a professionalism does not depend on how a woman applies her makeup. But, there are different cases, in which there are some departments that require their female staff to wear full makeup. It does not mean that they have to be in very bold colors.

At least, the staff has to look attractive and outstanding. It applies to some departments like customer service, public relation, marketing, and public services jobs like stewardesses.

lpcosModels, movie stars are the next jobs that require women to apply full makeup series. As they have to perform in public, they might need special makeup to cover some flaws. Especially for movie stars, makeup is very or enhancing some face figures, in which it may relate to the characters that they act. On the other hand, public figures or celebrities rarely apply makeup when they are not required. They prefer to look natural, by only applying sunscreen and lipcare to keep their skin healthy.

Anyway, why do women wear makeup, even if they do not belong to those aforementioned groups? The fact is that, they do it for themselves. They might be mums or single girls, who want to look attractive for lifting their confidence. When they apply eyeliners, they are not confident with their small eyes.

They do not consider that they are ugly, but they need to show others that all of the parts of their face are perfect—especially for selfie’ photos. Once they take a look at the pictures, the only thing that they see is the flaws. So, they will apply another kind of makeup to cover it. This endless effort does not make them exhausted, anyway.

Why do women wear makeup is actually a rhetorical question. It does not need to be asked, and the question is always obvious. Any woman will never have any shortage of budget to buy any kind of makeup, even if she has to keep all her makeup collections on three makeup cases.

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